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Credit Cards – Credit cards can be complicated to those that are using them for the first time and even for long time users that didn’t fully read their agreement terms. This fact sheet will help introduce (or reintroduce you) to the basics.

Credit Score Myths – Credit scores can be even more complicated than the cards themselves. Let’s dispel some common myths about credit scores.

Ways To Improve Your Credit – If you are concerned about your credit score while you are looking for your new home take a look here. This list contains a bunch of great ways to set yourself up for success in purchasing your new home.

Should I Rent or Own?

Get a Home Warranty

How to Get Your Utilities Hooked up for Free

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– American Society of Home Inspectors – Get a home inspected

– USDA Loans and Eligibility (for homes in rural areas)

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Home Value Estimation

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Is My House Ready To Sell? – You only have one chance to make a first impression, and when selling a home inexpensive sprucing up is imperative to ensure a speedy sale. This fact sheet provides helpful hints from Certified Residential Specialists on how to accentuate the best attributes of the home and the repairs needed to sell it quickly and profitably.
Should I Sell My House Myself? – In order for a homeowner to sell and close successfully, they must first be aware of the research, decisions, and responsibilities that await them. This fact sheet encourages and recommends the professional expertise of a Certified Residential Specialist by listing the various ways they can help you through this potentially complex process.
Is My House Priced To Sell? – Since price is the number one factor that most homebuyers use to determine which homes they want to view, it is crucial for the homeowner to achieve the optimal selling price. This fact sheet provides suggestions from Certified Residential Specialists as to what factors should or should not affect this important decision.
Am I Ready To Move? – Tips, Checklists, and Guidelines – When it’s time to get moving, it’s best to be prepared. This fact sheet provides packing tips, checklist, and guidelines recommended by Certified Residential Specialists to make a well-organized plan when moving day arrives.

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